Threaded Case Study


Second Floor

First Floor


1.        Data media termination point
2.        All rooms and halls have drop ceiling installed.
3.        All drop ceiling heights are 11' - 0'
...        Backbone 100 BASE TX
‚        Drops
A        Administration D Finance
B        Designing E Costing
C        Marketing

No MDF is implemented in their network. The interior walls are painted with fire retardant paint and have 3/4" plywood, which is raised 1 1/4" from the walls where equipment is mounted. Fifteen feet of wall space is provided for the POP terminations. The drop ceiling has fixed ceilings installed to prevent unauthorized access. 12" ladder rack and 4" conduits have been installed for horizontal and vertical cabling. Water and steam pipes do not run through or above the wiring closets and the humidity is maintained between 30% and 50%. Room temperature is maintained from 15-20 degrees. Incandescent lights have been installed.


1 Nokia 10/100 mbps DSL Modem
1 7-Port Router w/ Print Server
2 8-Port Switch