Threaded Case Study

Company overview

††††††††††† Pantera Designs International is owned by an American owned and operated business based in Cebu, Philippines. It is located and operated at #17 Floremer Subdivision, A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City. Pantera is an international Fashion jewelry manufacturer which markets different countries in Asia, Europe and America. With a manufacturing capacity of 500,000 pieces of jewelry a month,Pantera are nonetheless able to maintain consistent service and quality. They credit their success to the dedicated efforts of the Pantera Team. At Pantera win-win is an everyday occurrence. Solutions are found with active listening.

††††††††††† Founded in 1994, Pantera Designs International has grown rapidly to become the "Cebuís Leading Manufacturer of Jewelries"--in fact, Pantera rank as the 2nd Fastest Growing Jewelry Manufacturer in Cebu over the last 5 years, with a compound annual growth rate of 32%. In addition, Pantera was recently opened a new market in Hong Kong and some neighboring countries in Asia. Pantera serves all of the world's major fashion and jewelry accessories and you can find Pantera content on more than 6000 designs around their existence.

Their strategy is to put their customers first and to continuously improve their quality and overall financial results.


They consist of two network connecting to different department or personnel. These includes:

       Administration (3) desktop computers, (1) laptop

       Marketing (2) desktop computer

       Designing (2) desktop computers, (1) laptop

       Costing (1) desktop computer

       Finance (2) desktop computer